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itobia vinyl

one sided vinyl LP

live recording of the ashtoreth performance
Paris, 04.03.2011

length: 19 minutes

code for mp3 download included

available LP

price € 18 (incl. vat)


shady sadie

Shady Sadie is the title of a collaboration with multimedia artist Michiel Helbig on an installation showing 5 figures displaying a series of capes and gloves. The minimal yet atypical constructions are built with modular tubes taken from a basic shop display system. On the one hand the material is using the original static construction and on the other hand it is generating the movement and personality of the figures. The dressing of each figure with nothing but a knitted cape and a pair of handmade leather gloves transforms them into actual creatures and aims for a maximum of character with a minimum of intervention.

The installation addresses the evolution of technology and media and the recent wave of automation in which the human countenance is disapearing or being artificially reconstructed. As a reaction to the over-presence of images and the current lack of content in opposision to the superiority of images, the project also consciously reduces the components of the visual language as well as the design itself to the essence. 

Shady Sadie is on view from 19.04 - 16.06.2015 at Gallery Mieke Van Schaijk in `s-Hertogenbosch

at Gallery Mieke Van Schaijk

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shady sadie displays

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shady sadie

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displays by pelican studio

model: Joanna Clust
thanks to Lila John
               Vere van Hal
               Kris Kimpe
               Mieke van Schaijk